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Divine and Human Personality

The Precious Blood of Christ

Sin makes the blood of Jesus Christ precious, and valuable.  The blood of Jesus Christ is precious because of its redeeming power.  It's power to acquire back everything that was lost by Adam.  According to Hebrews 9:22, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.

Had Christ possessed only a human nature, he could not have been without sin.  But life can draw out of the putrid clod materials for its own living.  Having the odor of decaying flesh.  Divine life appropriates the human.  What with us is regeneration the saving the soul, re-activating the spirit of man, is with Him (Christ) the incarnation of God.  The power of that regeneration to be in the cleansing of the sins by the precious blood (Acts 20:28). 

Many years ago as our ministry grew, one of many set-backs came when we lost a building.  The late Dr. Roy Hicks called Kathy and I and asked us to meet him at that empty church for prayer.  The main thing we learned that day was to pray to Jesus who is th…

The Source of Pardon & Spiritual Life

The three constituents of faith may be illustrated from the (1) thoughts, (2) feelings, (3) actions of a person who stand by a boat, upon a little island which the rising stream threatens to submerge.

He first regards the boat from a purely intellectual point of view which it is merely an actual existing boat.  Second, as the stream rises, he looks at it with some accession of emotion, his prospective danger awakens in him the conviction that it is a good boat for a time of need though he is not yet ready to make use of it. Third, when he feels that the rushing tide must otherwise sweep him away, a volitional element is added, he then gets into the boat, trusts himself to it, accepts it as his present and only means of safety.

Only this last faith in the boat is faith that saves.  Although this last includes the preceding.  It is equally clear that the getting into the boat may actually save the man, while at the same time, he may be full of fears that the boat will never bring him to…

How Healing the Sick, Casting Out Demons & Evangelism Work Together

Exodus 15:26 reveals I am Jehovah that Healeth Thee.

The purpose of this message is to establish within you the fact that beyond all shadow of doubt God Wants to Heal You.God has no tolerance for the destructive behavior of wicked Christians, but rather they turn to righteousness.
He has placed in the Body of Christ that will, the raising the dead, healing the sick, destroying the false prophets, and can see revival spread out through their land.Those who accepted walked with great favor, great anointing, and God was their friend.
The early Church believed in miracles.They prayed for miracles and expected them.This was not expectancy by a few, but by everyone, and according to their faith, it was done unto them: They were healed. Everyone.They had never seen our Lord Jesus Christ refuse anyone.He never turned any away.None ever applied to Him for healing in vain.The early Church was following His example.If He healed them all when He was with them in Person, then He would do the same whe…

Holy Spirit Security and the Godhead

An important work of the Spirit of God clearly is to protect God’s people.Christians are protected by the power of God and identified as His because He put His Spirit on them as a seal.This security is a great source of assurance for Christians.Those who live with such security and assurance, quite understandably experience boldness, joy, and peace as a result the Spirit is also a deposit, or down payment.A deposit is simply the first payment.The remainder will come later.The Gift of the Spirit is God’s first payment to His people.The remainder of His blessings will be given later in the life to come.This Spirit’s presence with us is a foretaste of the life to come.

Humanity Restored
God will redeem or fully restore believers in Christ so we perfectly conform to His will.Until then, the Spirit in our lives guarantees we will be redeemed.The Church, the saints love “does” more than it “feels.”God’s people love one another.Others come to know about this love through the deeds of love we d…

Where are We now Spiritually and Where Should we be Now?

We should be allowing the Spirit of Faith to advance us further, and further into the victories against evil, and satanic spirits.This revelation is still made available to us who are called into the Five-Fold ministry.Each office, by title and call, still has that access into another’s office, or call to profit the whole body of Christ.1 Thessalonians 2:1 says that it’s obvious that our coming here was no waste of time.We have been given a lot of rough treatment over the years, as you know, but that hasn’t slowed us down or stopped us to this day.We are sure of ourselves in God, and are going right ahead presenting God’s message to you in defiant opposition to evil and biblical error.
God is constantly training us thoroughly to make sure we are qualified to be trusted with this message.Be assured that when we speak to you we are not after crowd approval but God’s approval.Since we’ve been put through the battery of instruction, you are guaranteed that both we and the message are free …