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The Ground and the Seed

When I speak of the "ground" in relation to seed, I speak referring to our knowledge of seed.  Seed is the word planted in something that is stable and rich.  In a believer, ground is the character, the stable and rich soil that allows the seed to manifest and develop.  Everything a believer receives, especially pertaining to God, is seed.  Yet, if the character is corrupt, then the seed is useless.  One must deal with the ground before you can plant the seed.
It's very complicated today because many do not have a strong foundation regarding what is Right and what is Wrong.  Basically, the concept of right and wrong thinking is warped.  On such topics as poverty, lack, money race, education, morality, and immorality: (a) Could you despite the labels stand with God? (b) Could you identify the difference and make a right decision?   The Word of God is designed to make it right. 
The very first two books I ever read even before I got started to study were the Book of St. Ma…