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Today before we enter into this new kind of ministry, there is a matter that needs consideration because a shortcoming here can mean failure elsewhere. I refer to a minister’s capacity to understand people, to work with them, and to get along with them, this ability is necessarily in the realm of the ministry as in any other profession. A warning not to allow yourself to be trained by political correct speech. This will make you common in your effectiveness.
To get along with people does not mean that a person has to compromise his principles. Indeed, if he does that, in the end he will probably lose favor with both God and man. But he must be able to win people’s confidence before he can help them. You must always be open to use unusual faith for real miracles, and by no means allow yourself to fail in sins that are accepted by the norm. There is a success by mans standards and one that is accepted by the working of God’s word.
The gospel is good news, the greatest story ever told, t…

The Lord of the Harvest

The Lord of the Harvest

Who controls the harvest? For churches who will wage the war and garner the harvest, there will be colossal growth. We must come to expect churches of ten thousand plus. There will be colossal growth. Yet, many Christians have been so beat down that they find it difficult to believe God for such a harvest

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. This earth and its inhabitants by judicial right belongs to God. Although, the devil is the Prince of the Power of the Air, this planet does not belong to him. This earth and it’s inhabitants by judicial right belongs to God. “The earth is the Lords and all its fullness.” Psalms 24:1
Humanity does not belong to Satan but to God. If smart ideas could get the job done, then our seminaries should be lighthouses of evangelistic genius, with no unevangelized people for miles around. No, Satan is not in charge of the harvest. Neither are we. Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest. The harvest is truly is plentiful,…