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Satan is the God of this world. Satan as that God has installed into every area of leadership (in the whole world) his form of leadership. A goat or ram’s head on a human body represent the sign of satanic dominance. The church in most places has some form of this from top to bottom. These leaders will make sure that the ministry never will get involved in the biblical purpose of that ministry.
          They are not willing to hear the teaching on subjects like faith in the absolute ministry of Jesus. Topics like holiness, healing, deliverance from sin, sickness, and immoral activities they do not want to hear.
          Jesus discussed the opposite characteristics of sheep and goats in Matthew 25, in the context of the final judgment a shepherd must divide his sheep from the goats. The goat head is the one who leads the sheep to the slaughter. The goat that walks and talks like a man is the old Satan himself. He multiplies himself. Within the church it is not so much a physical separa…