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  In a fact of God Holiness is moral purity, not only in the sense of absence of all moral stain, but of complacency in all moral good. God is holy in that he is the source and standard of the right. The only rule for the divine will is the divine reason: the divine reason prescribes everything that is befitting. God is not under law, nor above law. God is law.

  Let’s talk for a moment what Satan has chosen to do in the face of this. He has chosen to kill and to steal anything that would allow the works of God to lead us. He will try to destroy the true church and undertake the development of true holiness the way God is.The Word of God is not paper and ink. It is God’s plan for man. God is righteous by nature and necessity…God is the source and author of law for all moral beings. Satan has been so clever in keeping our saints attention on things that look so easy and so humanly natural.

  We may have a better definition of holiness by saying that holiness is that attribute in virtue…