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Let’s talk about how all things fit into the benevolence of God, as concerned for general good of the universe. The benevolence of God requires the execution of the full penalty of the law upon all who reject Christ’s salvation and God’s plan for man.
The scriptures imitate that Gods treatment of human sin is a matter of instruction to all moral beings. The self-chosen ruin of the few may be the salvation of the many. At this time we may be the only group that is in limbo with standing on the principles of moral conduct and biblical standards. Continued sin might have so striking a proof we might actually see the punishment of the rebellious, loss of their moral suicide and ruin.  This leading them to believe God’s holiness is it’s irreconcilable antagonist.
With regard to the extent and scope of hell, we can say hell is only a spot in the universe of God. Compared to heaven, hell is narrow and limited. The kingdom of Satan is so insignificant in contrast with the kingdom, Christ an…