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He that hath the Son has life (Zoe)! Zoe is life in the Greek. He that does not have the Son of God is without that life, he is dead. The Lord Jesus came, to raise the dead. “I come”, said He, that you might have exactly what dead men need - life. In the resurrection as described in His conversation with Nicodemis, He describes a  new birth, a spiritual regeneration that took place for the first time in all human history. This on the grounds of the redemptive act at Pentecost, when our Risen Lord came for the first time to inhabit the humanity of 120 men and women.

At His command they were waiting for that inducement with power from on high that could be theirs only in the presence of a person that could abolish death and impart to them  all the dynamics of Christ’s divine indwelling.He was born in humanity like told in the book of Hebrews. He assumed flesh and blood sanctifying himself. He presented his body, his soul and His spirit in the totality of His being as man. He became holy …