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If one wants healing, health, success, happiness and prosperity from God through the gospel, he must first of all learn the lesson and learn it well. He must stop doubting the word of God on anything that he says. If a man had never permitted himself to doubt in the first place, if he had also warded off all suggestions of Satan to doubt God, and if he had immediate and full victory over all doubt to begin with, there would not have been the struggle that there is today to believe God without a doubt. The first and last lesson one must learn is to doubt not if he wants anything from God. I must say, whatever I go though in life it never occurs to me to doubt God.
All material things are here for a time, no matter what it is. All men should maintain their attitude toward God at all time. God has made it very plain that he giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; ask in Faith and it shall be given him.
Most churches today, (denominations specific) have move…