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After a believer has fallen into passivity and has not allowed himself to continue to be challenged by the word of God and when right and wrong is presented to him he has already made a different decision. If others try to explain something more to him, he will think that they are invading his freedom. This is how other things can enter in. There are other religious ideas that can take the place that is reserved for the principles of God himself. When Itcomes to race and culture these other things can ease into the top spot. The enemy can tell you who the real enemy is. Since his mind has become completely passive, he does not know how to use his own reasoning to deduce, differentiate or judge anymore.

Instead, he indiscriminately takes in every thought that these evil spirits inject into him about racism or other ideas about who is or who isn’t. You may even look for help by people you think are the right ones. Then you will consider your thoughts to be the most perfect thoughts. Go…


Do you know what faith is?Do you really understand the nature of faith? Most Christians don't consider the nature of what Faith really is. Faith is not a matter of taste. Faith is not an option where you base it on how you feel. Faith is imperative. It is absolutely essential that you and I understand the nature so that we may follow God's Decrees. Believing that you have received his salvation and Holy Spirit does not mean you won’t be led by your own lusts and desires at times. 
Faith is never under any circumstances demonstrated by what you're doing for Jesus. That is the first and most popular delusion - that when a man is busy for God, he is a great man of faith.Faith is giving God an open door into your spirit to work his decrees (see my blog on the decrees part 1 and 2) even if you don't understand totally at the time, but by your relationship you trust Him. You say wow what a great man of faith look what he is doing for God. Nonsense!God is looking to do somethi…


You can see for yourself in John 8:29, it states “I do always those things which please him”. How often did the Lord Jesus do those things which pleased the Father? Always!!!
That was the nature of the sinlessness of His humanity. This was the character of His normality. This was the perfect liberty of God’s son (the true meaning of Liberty). We say “I’ll do as I please” and imagine that this represents the liberty we enjoy, the freedom that the Lord Jesus enjoyed. It is given to you and me. The Lord Jesus was always at liberty to do only those things that pleased his Father. That is freedom. In other terms Jesus may be saying “I’ve entered into no engagement, I’ve made no friendship”, “I’ve indebted myself to nobody nor am I under obligation to anybody anywhere at any time”. That’s Freedom.
Hebrews 11:5-6 - in the fifth chapter first we are told that Enoch was translated that he should not see death and was not found, because God had translated him. Before his translation he had the te…


He that hath the Son has life (Zoe)! Zoe is life in the Greek. He that does not have the Son of God is without that life, he is dead. The Lord Jesus came, to raise the dead. “I come”, said He, that you might have exactly what dead men need - life. In the resurrection as described in His conversation with Nicodemis, He describes a  new birth, a spiritual regeneration that took place for the first time in all human history. This on the grounds of the redemptive act at Pentecost, when our Risen Lord came for the first time to inhabit the humanity of 120 men and women.

At His command they were waiting for that inducement with power from on high that could be theirs only in the presence of a person that could abolish death and impart to them  all the dynamics of Christ’s divine indwelling.He was born in humanity like told in the book of Hebrews. He assumed flesh and blood sanctifying himself. He presented his body, his soul and His spirit in the totality of His being as man. He became holy …


Thou art worthy because of the price that was paid by Jesus. To receive glory, he should not be asking or expecting too much from us. He wants us to glorify him in character and in the essence of our lives.We are to honor His memory and His act of faith by having confidence in His teachings. As part of His creation you and I as men were created to please God. Without Faith it is impossible to please Him because that is how God engineered us. This is the sure Divine Logic of God that there is a Hidden factor absent in Human understanding or reasoning. This alone is the mountain of difference between what is divinely possible and otherwise cannot be humanely unreasonable. The hidden factor is God himself. You and I are so engineered with a body, soul, and spirit, and also mind emotion and will that God alone could (in us) be the origin of His own image.
He's the only one that can do it. He is God, teaching the mind and controlling the emotions. He directs the Will. God governs the be…