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We are all Equal in Christ

Seen as all people are equal under the law. This makes us equal in all things to each other. Therefore racism does not exist. It makes us support one group, or race over all others. Since a Axiom is based on truth such as mathematics and numbers. There is no legal or spiritual leg for racism.Racism comes out of a need to change the laws of nature that exist, without this inference. This is what stops our faith as black Christians.
We as Blacks have allowed liberalism to totally destroy our church's message of family, education, employment, and respect for each other.We have no national pride, we do violence any way and where we can. All of our leaders are afraid to change this sliding direction and put us back on an honorable path.

The Black Church is under the greatest attack from within its walls. By liberal, socialist clergy and church leaders. They say the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally today. They’re teaching that the Word of God doesn’t meet the nee…


The Power of Pastors

Pastors have eminence power to represent God. Pastors stand in the gap between God and man. Jesus is the truth about God, and Jesus is the power of God to man. God has given to man the power to man war on the enemies of the church. There is always a band of evil warriors willing to divide the church on issues no matter small or large (Eph. 16:1-24; 1 Tim. 5:17; Eph. 1:1-23; Ezk. 30).

As churches we really only have one direction to take, that is to go back to the  standards which are holiness, righteousness, and sanctification. If we don’t go back to God’s plan we can’t go forward and develop the church to meet the attacks developed by Satan (while for this modern world). As church leaders we have authority to see into the church and must believe that we are involved in Spiritual Warfare. The very morals of the church have been invaded by immoral satanic spirits. We need to change from material, and look to arming the saints for the battle.
Satan has no authority in …