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God will do good and surprising things! When Jesus is here he is in and Satan is out. Jesus is the only one that makes life worth living. When we are brought to a moment of despair we must stay in Jesus care. If you say “I can’t at the moment” God will reply “I never said you could without me giving direction”. You will be a bigger failure than expected without him.
True repentance is not the past, but facing the facts of life that are going on right now. NOW FAITH IS. God is looking through us to redeem those that are lost in his flock. The lamp of light that shines continually upon this ministry will keep us safe from the darkness and shadows that evil hides in. Repentance is a continuing state of change. I need to keep in place the thing that I need to continue to perform and that what God has apprehended me to accomplish.
True faith will always use what God has made by his word, and it will also use the leading of the Holy Spirit. If it wasn’t for true faith I would not have gon…


You know when God comes in he doesn’t come in to abide. He comes in to take over! Where there is holy worship, he takes over. Let’s try some problem solving by the word of God!
1.See that there is a problem 2.Examine the problem 3.See what the word says about the  problem 4.Put yourself in the problem as a problem solver 5.Solve the problem with strong ACTION 6.Then move to the next problem
  Jesus had a role to play in the Christian. Jesus is in our lives, as savior but Jesus Christ has been the object but not the origin. My moves must come from him as the origin. My moves must come from him as the origin not just going to heaven. He must be the object as well as the origin of all my activity. He must become the spiritual life force of all my activity as a believer. You might have all the church tools and you may have a change, but not the release. This is church doctrine only. This is how they get you. You change to adapt to doctrin…