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The Supernatural Christian

We live in a time when we are becoming more aware that the supernatural is all around us. Our society celebrates vampire chronicles and sorcery like never before. I don't have to name them, as I am sure they're in the forefront of your mind (if you don't live under a rock). As a result, we find that we are realizing a world that is unseen and we could be exposing ourselves to spirits.

Since my young adult years, I have been aware of my supernatural gifts. I was fortunate enough to be immersed in a church that frequented the grace gifts as a lifestyle. Grace gifts were not considered a side show spectacle, but it was apparent to me in my early years of faith, that the supernatural authority really was the gift of God (Luke 10:19).  I would hear of stories of my grandmothers and great aunts calling on the name of Jesus on their way home from church. They would testify how they would see angels apprehend would-be thieves and render them helpless in fear. I would hear how God…