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The Decrees of God - Part 1

As we are talking about the decrees of God, we are journeying into the revelation of the eternal plan by which God has rendered certain all the events of the universe, past present and the future. These decrees may appear as an exponential list of instruction and directions to our finite comprehension. However, in their own nature they are but one plan, which embraces not only effects but also causes, into only the ends to be secured but also the means needful to secure them.
In Romans 8:28, we find an illustration of our call to meet His purpose. The many decrees for the salvation of many individuals are represented as forming but one purpose- to represent one purpose of God. Ephesians 1:11 foreordained according to the purpose of Him who works all things after the counsel of his will. Notice again the Word purpose in the singular, Ephesians 3:11 according to the eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord. This one purpose or plan of God includes both means and ends,…

Veracity and Faithfulness

By veracity and faithfulness I mean the transitive truth of God, in its two-fold relation to his creatures in general and to his redeemed people in particular.  In virtue of his veracity, all his revelations to creatures consist with his essential being and with each other.

I believe the dry season is over for churches and saints who have lasted through the shaking.  We will see people being sent to places that have shaken off the tried religious habits, and have once again put Christ back as head of His church. 

In God's veracity, we have the guarantee that our faculties in their normal exercise do not deceive us; that the laws of thought are also laws of things; that the external world, and second causes in it, have objective existence; that the same causes will always produce the same effects; that the threats of the moral nature will be executed upon the unrepentant transgressor; that man's moral nature is made in the image of God; and that we may draw just conclusions fr…

The Works of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit is the spirit of conviction, enlightenment, quickening, in the sinner: and of revelation, remembrance, witness, sanctification, consolation, to the saint.

The spirit of the sinner is struggling for light as it is stumbling on the edge of a precipice at midnight; enlightens the Christian, as the rising sun reveals a landscape which was all there before, but which was hidden from sight until the great luminary of Jesus, love made it visible.  This morning light did not create the lovely prospect it revealed; it only showed the real state of what the darkness had concealed. 

Without the Holy Spirit at work redemption would be impossible, and the revelation of God's true love for us would be just a shadow idea. 

Christ is God entering into human history, but without the Holy Spirit Christianity would be only history.  The Holy Spirit is God entering into human hearts.  The Holy Spirit turns creed into the love for life.  Christ is the physician who leaves the remedy and t…

Healing in the Name of Jesus

Divine Healing is the right of every born-again believer.  This is not just some trick, but it is to be preached, taught and used everywhere there is a need for cures and deliverances. As healing becomes more prevalent, and part of your church community, then strong unity can be accomplished.  The devil has done a good job in the past to crush this and all other supernatural powers Christ came to establish in the new kingdom.  You dishonor the Holy Spirit by trying to wipeout any trace of what Christ's death, burial and resurrection placed in His body of believers which is the Church.  It grieves the Holy Spirit, as well as many of us who believe that these signs follow those who practice the faith that it takes. 

All your groups and your church doctrines have just about stripped the body of Christ of supernatural power and love.  So many are interested in circling the world with false love and tolerance for others beliefs and religions excluding the two true one's.  They thi…