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We must begin to pray that He will assemble people (saints) and that God will bring people all agreeing together. We need not to worry but to intercede and pray with divine power, supplications and intercessions.
And the Angels of God shall be camped around you to protect you against the violence of Satan, and the Spirit within you shall teach you how to pray and when to pray. For a regular hour was established in the Temple of the Lord and so it shall be established in Israel. For his people are like scattered sheep. The people of the body of Christ are not coming together even now as one people; we are not united fully from cause to cause. For God’s Spirit shall come upon us to pray day and night. God is asking for a world wide prayer band. And they shall pray alone, pray together, and there should be one person, two persons and even threes leading to thousands that pray daily.
And so I believe God has designed a great and mighty move of prayer in the very thing of intercession, rejo…