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Discipline for Immorality: Useless Bishops and Apostles Today in Title Only!

Immorality in churches is growing the more we change generations, and due to the lack of teaching in the home about what is right, and wrong (evil).

Would it be wrong to say to your kids what you see around you is not the real way to go?
Let's look at the war going on in the media versus the Church. The Church is depicted as the evil power that needs to stay in its place. In many ways, it is the topic of jokes, and ministers are made to be nothing more than con artists selling a message of tolerance, high living and many sexual activities that occurred in a dysfunctional sitcom.
In the instance of immorality in the Corinthian Church, there was an open case of incest, and there was no necessity of special discernment such as Peter exercised in the matter of Ananias and Sapphira. It was in fact a flagrant violation of common decency in which a man was consorting with his father's wife. Ifthiswereallowedtogounpunishedtheexamplewouldhaveencouragedabreakdownofallrestraintsamongthep…

An Artesian Well

An Artesian Well is a pump-less “water source” that uses pipes to allow underground water that is under pressure to rise to the surface. This type of well seems to defy gravity because the pressure that builds up between layers of rock gets relieved when water finds a path to the open air.  In addition, the water has been naturally filtered because it passes through porous rock as it seeps into the earth to reach the aquifer, which is the underground water source. For centuries, people have drilled artesian wells to drink filtered water that doesn't need to be manually or mechanically hauled up from the depths. Porous stone is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of an impermeable substance, such as clay, soil or shale rock. This keeps the water pressure high, so that at a point below the entryway of the flow, there is enough pressure to bring the water up when the pressure is released. Natural springs form in the same way when a gap in the impermeable rock perhaps triggered …