A Lack of Faith

We must talk about this and pass it around.

This is the condition of the Christian who has an apparent desire to know God in a personal way to experience  peace of heart and mind, but somehow seems to be unable to place faith in God.  Outward motions such as public commitments at church, praying at the altar, and other efforts may be many, but all of this action leaves the person feeling empty and devoid of faith.  Prayers seem to go no higher than the ceiling and salvation always appears out of grasp, much like the mirage that fades into the distance.  This individual may make an effort toward God, but somehow he never seems to achieve vital contact.

A lack of faith may also be the result of not seeking God according to the Bible.  A person may desire faith in God but not according to the teachings of the Word of God.  It is reported that the noted evangelist of our times frequently prayed that God would increase his faith until one day they came face to face with Romans 10:17 which says so then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  Immediately he recognized the spiritual truth: immersing oneself in the Bible is the means by which faith is communicated to the soul rather than beseeching God to grant faith through some mystical manner.

A distorted view of the Bible as well as ignorance of the Word of God may keep a person from having faith in God.  Some see the Bible as merely a wonderful collection of literature-- the best writings of men.  They decide they will accept only what appeals to their fancy and reject the rest; then they wonder why a vital faith in God and peace of soul elude them.  Some manipulate and twist the scriptures to avoid truth, and go along with their own doctrine, lifestyle, culture to cover hidden sins, thus killing any development of truth, love and faith.  Their teaching is no more than exploring man's knowledge of what is and what is not. 

I need to stop right here and add something very important to the reason most fall short to the whole subject of faith.  According to Acts 2:38, one must repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Spirit.  You must take a close look at the means and power of  the Work of Christ, which is key to your conversion.  God has chosen to impart saving faith through His Word.  If it is viewed as only the product of great men, the vital connection between God and man is short-circuited.  It is unfortunate that many church doctrines created by men will put God as part and parcel of a lack of healing, deliverance, and all kinds of bodily sins, so that their doctrine would have no error or false components to it.  So faith is a sometime choice by God or man.  The devil can't get a word in to identify his involvement.  

Outright disbelief and skepticism of the willingness to believe the scriptures will most likely if not naturally result in a lack of faith.  God has deliberately shut Himself up in His Word as far as communicating to man the conditions by which he may know and experience the reality of God.  The witness of any born-again Christian is the result of a life transformed by the Word of God, inspired by the promises of God, burdened with the condition of the lost revealed by the Word of God, and evidencing spiritual power from much time spent in God's word.

Not only are there spiritual causes for a lack of faith, but there are also a number of emotional or psychological causes which have a bearing on a person being unable to lay hold of God's faith.

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