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Thou art worthy because of the price that was paid by Jesus. To receive glory, he should not be asking or expecting too much from us. He wants us to glorify him in character and in the essence of our lives.We are to honor His memory and His act of faith by having confidence in His teachings. As part of His creation you and I as men were created to please God. Without Faith it is impossible to please Him because that is how God engineered us. This is the sure Divine Logic of God that there is a Hidden factor absent in Human understanding or reasoning. This alone is the mountain of difference between what is divinely possible and otherwise cannot be humanely unreasonable. The hidden factor is God himself. You and I are so engineered with a body, soul, and spirit, and also mind emotion and will that God alone could (in us) be the origin of His own image.
He's the only one that can do it. He is God, teaching the mind and controlling the emotions. He directs the Will. God governs the be…